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I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.
                                                                                         ~Albert Einstein

Astronomy research project and printed works cited due on June 12th. Be ready to present!

Second quiz option:
  •    The last day to take the optional second quiz is Friday, June 15th (No extensions).  
  •    The first quiz grade stands (NOT the best of the two grades).
  •    Student must find time, outside of class, to take the second quiz before the deadline.
  •    Student must understand the risk involved should the second quiz grade be low - both quiz grades count.

Review Phases of the Moon here.
Astronomy jeopardy here.
Be sure to review the 5 items listed below............

Students should have the following completed items in their science folder:

1. Chapter 22 and 23 notes
2. EMS packet
3. Chapter 24 and 25 notes
4. Inner and Outer Planets chart
5. Why Do We Have Seasons- Interactive